Thursday, October 19, 2017

Our League

Your Southwest Baseball League is organized as a non-profit organization with 100% of all funds generated being put back into the program to benefit all participants.  The league is governed by an elected Board of Directors to facilitate business on behalf of the league.  Games are played at Cloudview Park on the Westside.   You may contact us or leave a message at 915-449-3162.  A league official is present at the ballparks on all game days

Our Divisions

Southwest Baseball League is comprised of several baseball divisions. Divisions of play are open to boys and girls. All divisions are divided along age lines - ranging from age 4 - 14.  Under our rules and regulations, local leagues have the option to determine age cutoffs between division.

In our division approach, SWBBL has elected to implement the age cutoff approach between divisions. The following baseball divisions exist within the Southwest Baseball program.

 For the Fall 2015 Season, participant players in Southwest Baseball League now have options as to what skill level they will play and will not be constricted by certain boundaries.   Players from all over the city can now play in the Southwest Baseball League.  Below is a summary of the different leagues & divisions that are offered:




Teeball (age 4 - 5)

7U Coach Pitch(age 6 - 7)

8U Coach Pitch(age 7 - 8)

10U Baseball (age9 - 10)

12U Baseball (age 11 - 12)

8U Coach Pitch (age 7 - 8)

10U Baseball (age 9 - 10)

12U Baseball (age 11 - 12)

14UBaseball (age 13-14)

Game and Practice Locations

Southwest Baseball games occur at Irwin J Lambka Park, 6600 Cloudview Dr, El Paso, Texas 79912. At times we may also utilize the Coronado softball and baseball fields when available and necessary.

Practices are set up by team managers and locations will vary.


How Do I Become A Volunteer?

Parents, please take a minute to fill out the volunteer section while registering your child online, or if registering in person please speak to us. If you are not a parent and would like to volunteer, please email one of our directors through the contact page on this site.

Why we need volunteers

Your managers and coaches are UNPAID volunteers, as are all the members of the SWBB Board. However, the assistance of many additional people is required from both an operation and financial viewpoint. Such assistance can only come from the mothers and father, relatives and friends of the players. SWBB requests that parents/guardians be willing to volunteer their time.  The youngsters need you – the League needs you. Be a stepping-stone for your child’s future. Show them you care. So, when you go to registration, please ask, "How can I volunteer?"  Or contact a member of the SWBB Board.

Volunteer Eligibility

SWBB conducts background checks on manager, coaches, Board members and any other person who provides regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to or contact with, players.  Volunteers are required to complete and submit a volunteer application to the League President.  Annual background screening must be completed prior to assuming your duties for the current season. Refusal to annually submit a fully completed volunteer application will result in the immediate dismissal from the League

Dedicated Volunteers

Many of us do not have time to attend monthly meetings, yet are interested in serving the League. If this fits you, then consider becoming a dedicated volunteer. Dedicated volunteers serve on the various committees, yet do not need to attend monthly Board meetings. Additionally, dedicated volunteers do not vote on policies and regulations. However, your contribution is valued

Players Looking and Teams Looking will return for Spring 2018