Monday, February 19, 2018


Parents of advanced ability players who wish to play on a Select (Competitive) team may post here. Posting here does not guarantee invitation to join a team. Coaches will contact you regarding a try out.
Players with limited experience or who need more time to develop should not be posted here but should register with the Draft League to ensure being placed on a team. All registered Draft League players are placed. Draft League players do not try out but attend an assessment for draft purposes.
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Age GroupSorted By Age Group In Ascending OrderPlayer NameDate of BirthPhone #EmailParent or GuardianExperience or CommentsAgeCreated at
Select Baseball 10UJayden Villa12/2/2008915-637-4046 Adriana1 Season Select 1 season draft9.401/04/18
Select Baseball 10UDavid perla5/23/20089152416448 David perlaReally good compus9.901/07/18
Select Baseball 10UJacob Witcher10/31/2008832-815-6212 Victor Witcher Playing since 5 /catching/1st /pitched last fall/moved from Houston 9.501/23/18
Select Baseball 10Udante corral12/28/2007915-342-3905 Rafael Corral3 years great arm 10.301/23/18
Select Baseball 10URhet Packer5/1/20089155033912 tristin packerhas 3 older brothers who have played and so understands the game well. draft is not competitive enough for him. he's field smart. understands where the ball goes next, and what plays should happen. has played all positions including pitcher.1001/24/18
Select Baseball 10UTirso Antonio Felix2/5/2008(915) 726-6893 Georgina FelixHe has been playing for 4 seasons, passionate about the sport, and he wants to continue playing baseball through College. If you would like a reference from his past coach, please let me know and I will give you his number. Thank you!10.202/01/18
Select Baseball 12UEriel Fargas9/23/2006+17873974898 Angel FargasPlaying Since 201111.601/04/18
Select Baseball 12UJoshua WIttenburg9/12/2006(915) 929-2268 C.WittenburgHas been playing competitive for 5 years now. Josh wants to be part of a team that is serious about baseball so he can grow in experience and have fun.11.601/11/18
Select Baseball 12UKyran Mejia11/9/2006915-740-2814 Barnabie MejiaHas played draft league before, but we are looking to challenge his skills11.501/23/18
Select Baseball 12UDante Corral12/28/2007915-342-3905 Rafael Corral 3 years great arm 10.301/23/18
Select Baseball 12UBowman, Jack3/19/20079106444099 Melanie Bowman4 years of travel team as a catcher. Just completed Texas Pitching Academy over break. Dedicated athllete!11.101/25/18
Select Baseball 12UMarc Villa8/4/2005915-274-1490 Lorenzo Villa Was in select team in the past. Has experience in first base, outfield and also did some pitching. Was selected for All Star Team last spring season. 12.701/31/18
Select Baseball 12UAnthony Viera7/1/20059159266305 Ray VieraPlayed last 6 years, made All-Star Team12.801/31/18
Select Baseball 12UMatti Rogness10/10/2005785-477-0234 Chris Rogness3 years draft league. Very accurate pitcher, solid first baseman, good contact hitter.12.602/06/18
Select Baseball 12UJacob 12/4/20069153832780 Enrique AlmeidaYes 11.402/17/18
Select Baseball 15UHeston DeTavis 7/26/2004417-569-0200 Dom DeTavis 9 yrs of organized baseball experience. Has aged out of former league. Available for preseason practice/tryouts. 13.801/04/18
Select Baseball 15UIsaiah Chavez6/13/2004915-526-9062 Nick Chavez6 years of experience.13.901/04/18
Select Baseball 15UAlejandro Ortiz7/6/2003915-433-9399 Ana Ortiz3 years14.801/05/18
Select Baseball 15UIssac Bennett12/13/2003915-319-4083 Joseph Bennett Looking for a new team on the West side of town he played for tthe east side city league that wow division 14.401/21/18
Select Baseball 15UMarte Ivan Tarriba 7/12/2003915-726-7582 Monica SaenzHas played with two different teams, one over southwest league and the other team over at Northeast past season. He has not stop training, he has a personal baseball trainer, he practices 3 times a week. He has gain a lot of batting skill and keeps growing with each practice. He has motivation to play, he is a team player, and always willing to learn more. Anxious to start playing ball!!! 14.801/23/18
Select Baseball 15UMarcos Martinez9/18/20029154437915 Marcos MartinezHas played about 10 seasons in SWBBL15.601/26/18
Select Baseball 15URyan Marcantel4/21/2005915-584-1519 Kevin MarcantelHas played baseball for 5 years. He has experience as pitcher and all infield positions.1301/27/18
Select Baseball 15UDamian Sosa11/8/20049155033982 Juan Sosa Has played baseball since he was 9 yeras old13.501/30/18
Select Baseball 15UJadon Wall1/4/20045157451687 Frank WallHas been on select teams in Odessa and FL. Pitches, 1st base, 3rd base. We are new to the area and looking to get him active again.14.301/31/18
Select Baseball 15Umario (MJ) Escandon1/29/2004575-650-7265 Mario escandon sr.been playing since he was 4. plays short second, pitcher and outfield. We are out of Las cruces but don't mind coming over to play. He wants just more playing time!!14.302/02/18
Select Baseball 15UAuden Rogness8/27/2003785-477-0234 Chris Rogness1 season select, 2 seasons draft. Good outfielder, strong arm pitching potential.14.702/06/18
Select Baseball 15USean Ochiai4/17/20035056292503 Makiko OchiaiA little bit 1502/08/18
Select Baseball 15UEnrique Almeida6/19/20049153832780 Enrique Almeida3rd base anywhere in field13.902/17/18
Select Baseball 15UEnrique Almeida6/19/20049153832780 Enrique Almeida3rd base anywhere in field13.902/17/18
Select Coach Pitch 8Ukaleb, Valdez2/17/20107194327280 Ricardo4 years of experience8.202/10/18
Select Coach Pitch 8UMarcus Almeida1/9/20119153832780 Enrique AlmeidaPitcher \ home run hitter 7.302/17/18