Monday, October 15, 2018


This is for posting for players of above average skills/talent who seek to join a Select competitive team. Posting here does not guarantee invitation to join a team. Coaches will contact you regarding a try out.
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Age GroupSorted By Age Group In Ascending OrderPlayer NameDate of BirthPhone #EmailParent or GuardianExperience or CommentsAgeCreated at
Select Baseball 10UTirso Felix2/5/200819157309630 Tirso Felix2018 All star pick. Played Pitcher, 3rd, short stop and first base. 2 years on draft league. He is very competitive, enjoys the game and is ready for next level. Looking for select team to start playing this fall.10.207/02/18
Select Baseball 10URhyan calderon3/31/2010915747703 Victor calderon Rhyan has been playing 8 u coach pitch at sportsplex he was part of the El Paso bandits were looking for a great coaching staff and team8.107/04/18
Select Baseball 10ULuis6/3/20099153165741 Gabriela Benítez Played t-ball for one season, and fast pitch for 2 seasons8.907/05/18
Select Baseball 10ULuke 5/1/20084179881564 StacyPlaying since T-ball. Experienced at 2nd base, short stop, outfield. Been training for pitching this summer. Well-discipline player.1007/08/18
Select Baseball 10UDiego Rivas9/7/20097026891249 Cecilia Rivas No experience8.607/14/18
Select Baseball 10UCaszner Shamaley6/19/20099157272878 Stephanie Shamaley Caszner has 4 years of experience. Looking for a 10u select team. The team he was on is moving up to 12u and we want to play 10u for one more year. 8.907/22/18
Select Baseball 10UDante Corral12/28/20079153423905 Rafael corral3 years playing excellent first basement, really good at batting, catching and throwing, need to find a team from southwest 10.307/24/18
Select Baseball 10UJayden Villa12/2/20089156374046 Adriana VillaJayden is a hard worker he has played 2 years 1 select . He has played 1st, SS,3rd, and pitched he is 5'3 and very commited. 9.408/13/18
Select Baseball 10UKaleb Guerrero2/5/20089153558919 Pedro guerrero No 10.208/13/18
Select Baseball 10UKaleb Guerrero2/5/20089153558919 Pedro guerrero No10.208/13/18
Select Baseball 10USantiago perez11/2/2009915 315 8775 Saúl perez7u champion with mayham good batting skills tall strong good arm very frendly awesome Team pleyer listen to coach 8.508/15/18
Select Baseball 10URuben M. Solis8/11/20092818899943 Ruben SolisPlayed select ball in Houston last year.8.708/17/18
Select Baseball 10UNathaniel Anthony Trillo5/23/20099155255708 Elda AlfaroHe played last with 10u Redbulls8.908/24/18
Select Baseball 12UCameron hull12/27/2007210-842-2508 Tanisha chaneyCam has been playing since he was 5. He has good skills. He currently pitches,SS,1B. Also. He turns 11 in dec so I’m not sure what age group he should be in. 10.307/06/18
Select Baseball 12USanchez Santiago6/30/2006915-701-4994 Sanchez HwctorSanti started in SWBBL and play at the Plex looking for a 12 U team to play closet to home11.807/08/18
Select Baseball 12UBenjamin Melendez1/31/2007915-238-3736 Sonia Arroyo4 yrs Experience. He is not afraid of the ball, he has catched, pitched and he can play any position. He tends to do better infield than outfield. He played two seasons in the draft league, he has a good attitude and is a fast learner.11.207/10/18
Select Baseball 12UAbel Arechiga 12/28/20069513859141 Fatima Arechiga Pitcher & 1st base for spring & summer league, willing to try out for a team11.307/13/18
Select Baseball 12UDavid Perla 5/23/20089152416448 David perlaTrying to move him forward to improve his skills 9.907/14/18
Select Baseball 12UAiden Huerta 12/4/20069152740909 Corina Armendariz 2 yrs tball, 1 yr coach pitch...stopped playing for 2 1/2 yrs11.407/23/18
Select Baseball 12ULuna, Nicholas4/17/2006915-345-2789 Adrian LunaNick has experience at first base, third base, and outfield.1207/24/18
Select Baseball 12UDante Corral12/30/19819153423905 Rafael Corral3 years playing excellent ar first base; really good at batting cathing and throwing36.307/24/18
Select Baseball 12UCarlos Orduna5/15/20066614065106 Ruben Armendariz First year 1207/26/18
Select Baseball 12UEdgar Chavarria Jr10/1/20079152562203 Edgar ChavarriaPlayed with Blaze 12u last Season10.608/05/18
Select Baseball 12UKipp kaplan12/14/20059152080364 Mary kippNew player. Throws well12.408/08/18
Select Baseball 12UJoshua Hudson 4/19/20069157014541 DerrickNot too much, but he can play1208/13/18
Select Baseball 12UTanner Hess and Kevin Miranda10/18/20059152699119 Leslie Hess 8 years experience. Must play with Kevin Miranda. 12.508/18/18
Select Baseball 12UAidan Martín del Campo10/4/20053107762147 Ashley First year 12.608/24/18
Select Baseball 12UDiego Rodriguez6/30/20069152049611 Lupita RodriguezCareer SWBL player. Excellent outfielder and strong arm; able to cover 2nd base and SS; solid with the bat and stealing bases.11.808/25/18
Select Baseball 12U Christian Vazquez12/1/20059154744265 Gloria VazquezHas been playing baseball over 5 years12.409/15/18
Select Baseball 12UJulio morales9/10/20069156943890 Jennifer Morales T ball, 11.610/13/18
Select Baseball 15UIsaac Rene Rodriguez7/13/20049158610200 Nellie RodriguezDisciplined, hard working kid that wants to play the game..thank you13.807/09/18
Select Baseball 15UKaleb Morkovsky1/4/2004832-527-0712 Jeremy MorkovskyHas played select baseball for 5 seasons. Played with select champion Yankee's last year, but the team has since broken up. 1st , 3rd, and Pitcher are main Positions, but does also play outfield and can fill any spot you need. Hardworking and Competitive. 14.307/12/18
Select Baseball 15UWilliam Green10/13/2003847-712-0601 Fred GreenPlayed in SWBBL since 12. Throws and hits left-handed. Plays 1st base, catcher and outfield. Has done some pitching.14.507/18/18
Select Baseball 15UAiden Acosta1/5/2005915-203-4340 Liz AcostaAiden has played SWBL for five consecutive years. He has experience playing multiple positions. 13.307/23/18
Select Baseball 15UMateo valencia9/10/20049154781257 Joel ValenciaHas experience, but hasn't played consistently in two years. 13.608/14/18
Select Baseball 15UDamian Sosa11/8/20049155033982 Juan Sosa6 years playing 13.508/21/18
Select Baseball 15UDevin Wehmhoner3/16/2005915 373-9893 BrentWehmhonerPlayed 15U Select this past Spring. Strong versatile player.13.108/23/18
Select Baseball 15UJosue lopez6/22/2005(915)799-6980 Miriam lopezBoth outfield and 3rd base12.909/13/18